CAPSOLSuite™ Mass Notification Systems

Your Complete Integrated Notification Solution.


Whether you are looking at a system for routine communication or a robust Mass Notification System, CAPSOL provides the flexibility and scalability to meet your needs. Able to meet even the toughest communication challenge, CAPSOL works over your existing network infrastructure for ease in deployment and cost saving installation. But we don’t stop there. CAPSOL can integrate with your existing fire alarm or mass notification system. Additional features such as emergency computer messaging, LED Text displays, text to speech and mobile notification apps can enhance your current efforts. From data analytics to a complete Audio Video Notification system, all your communication needs can be easily addressed with CAPSOLSuite™.

capsol core

At the heart of the system is CAPSOLCore™, a scalable operating system that allows you to add or delete modules to fit your application. This structure provides flexibility and a real cost savings, only buying what makes sense to you.

Digital Analytics & Pre-Event Warning
Digital analytics

Early warning and notification can increase safety and save lives. Just like a smoke detector provides early warning, CAPSOL® can analyze data and notify you of an increased threat level so action can be taken. Able to be integrated with the complete CAPSOLSuite, automatic alerting of increased threats is possible.

Mobile Reporting Apps

Especially useful in the educational space. S4S™ and F4S™ provide a unique reporting system for receiving anonymous tip information. Tips collected can be processed and provide early warning of an increased threat. This notification can provide information for manual action or be connected to systems for automatic activation. With an optional truly anonymous chat system, CAPSOL's S4S and F4S can help address violence, harassment, suicide prevention; even active shooter.

With an Advanced Rules Engine, CAPSOLControl allows automatic or manual notification of messages. Integrated with any other CAPSOL module, CAPSOLControl is a very user-friendly and powerful platform for integrating a wide array of inputs and outputs. Operating over your existing IP Network, installation is simple and costs to deploy are reduced. Integration with Text to Speech for audio messaging, notification over a variety of platforms including intercom, fire alarm speakers or LMR Radio, CAPSOLControl gives you enormous flexibility.

AVNS - Digital Signage

Our UL Listed LED Text Displays provide visual notification of  outgoing messages. Especially useful in high noise areas or where hard of hearing people are located, the LED Text display provides excellent visual notification means. Weatherproof and Explosion proof enclosures are available.  Dry contact inputs and outputs are available on each sign allowing the system to monitor or control  other items.

Instant Mobile Alerting™

Easily and quickly sending messages to large groups of people is possible with Instant Mobile Alert™ (IMA™) or DRMessenger™. There is no personal information required and NO database to maintain. There is no registration requiring names, phone numbers or email addresses. IMA™ and DRMessenger™ operate at speeds 10 times faster than other products. When you need to simply and quickly get your message out, Instant Mobile Alerting is your superior choice.

Emergency Computer Messaging™
Radio Solutions

Quickly notifying people in a building is possible with Emergency Computer messaging (ECM™). With two different display options, messages to computer desktops can be manually sent or automatically tied to events such as NOAA Weather, keeping people informed and updated. An individual duress button on each desktop allows messages to be sent to security to help increase safety for your staff.


At times, the best method of connecting buildings together is via radio. When fiber or network is not available at all locations, our robust supervised radio system bridges that gap. Currently used by the FAA and military today a range of up to 50 miles and licensed or unlicensed band available, CAPSOL Radio provides safe and reliable communication.

IPAWS Integration
IOT Capability

As a DHS Approved IPAWS Integrator, CAPSOL can provide a terminal for sending WEA or amber alerts and for receiving NOAA Weather events. These events can be manually transmitted or sent automatically using CAPSOL's Advanced Rules Engine. Able to integrate with other modules from Emergency Computer Messaging or Instant Mobile Alerting, getting the message out quickly to all is the focus.


More than just emergency messaging, CAPSOL provides integration with other systems and devices. CAPSOL’s I/O modules have analog or digital inputs and outputs to monitor things like alarm or trouble contacts, high and low temperature switches, high water or low water, etc. These inputs can automatically trigger outputs and notification to initiate proper action. Communication can be ethernet or supervised radio, giving extreme flexibility with the Internet of Things device integration.

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