What is Instant Mobile Alerting?

Instant Mobile Alerting*, or IMA is the latest in communication products. 

There is a need to communicate with large groups of people but current products today have some very significant challenges.

IMA™ can be used by anyone on a campus, in a business, in any city, county or state to receive messages from the authorized message center. Messages can be of three alert levels -

Alert - To notify immediately of an issue to exercise extreme caution. Instruct people to follow direction to increase life safety.

Situational - Reminders to continue to inform people of important guidelines or instruction. 

Informational - Reminders for other important information.

Configured by user, there is virtually no size limit for messaging. Messages are sent to the IMA app and tens of thousands of users can receive message in minutes of sending. In an emergency, time is critical.

To  begin using IMA, the user simply loads the app on their phone. Downloading from the Apple or Google play store, they enter the activation code and communication is immediate.

Personal user information is not collected, so there are no privacy issues or databases to maintain!

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Able to be used as a part of a complete communication system, IMA is a building block to enhance your life safety strategy.  

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* Patent pending

Acts of violence and threats to our safety increase daily. CAPSOLSuite makes intelligent decisions regarding increased risk and provides communication methods to make your life safer!

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