Pre-Event Notification can save time and increase opportunities to respond quickly.

Before the Emergency

Pre-Event Notification is the ability to gather and process information and then ACT. Too many times information is available and not collected, collected and not acted upon, or overlooked.

CAPSOL provides a complete system to collect and process data, providing actionable outputs for immediate manual response or automatic initiation.


Information can come from virtually any source including but not limited to public social media feeds, weather, IPAWS Alerting, proprietary tip lines and text. The information you need is part of the overall program you put together.


“You cannot control what you cannot measure” is an old quality control statement that sounds true, but must be quantified, or further defined.


CAPSOL provides a higher level of definition. Instead of just looking for keywords that may indicate an imminent threat, CAPSOL uses additional methods designed to reduce false positives and facilitate the most appropriate response.

CAPSOL's ADVANCED RULES ENGINE provides the power to reduce false positives and provide user-defined outputs. Because CAPSOL does the work behind the scenes providing notification per your requirements, already strained resources may be better allocated.

The greater the accuracy, the more lives we can affect positively.

Information Processing

Once information is collected, it is processed by CAPSOL's ADVANCED RULES ENGINE based on parameters you define so that you can plan a proper means to act.


Actions can include:

Do Nothing.

Simply collect and read data. Sadly, many systems that collect data do not go further than this. The manual process of interpreting information can be inaccurate and overwhelming.

Send an Alert

Based on your rules, once something is identified and you want to send an alert, CAPSOL automatically processes and sends an alert based on your requirements. This can include a text, an email, and other options.

Send an Alarm

Based on your rules, once something is identified and you want to initiate an alarm, CAPSOL automatically processes and initiates action. This can include a computer desktop message, displaying a message on LED Displays or boards, initiating a text to speech option, or activating numerous other systems.

Systems that do not employ an ADVANCED RULES ENGINE with the capability of automatically initiating action can continue to delay messaging and require countless hours for manual processing. Reviewing massive amounts of data manually, it is virtually impossible to quickly correlate data and reach accurate conclusions. CAPSOL does the work for you resulting in conservation of resources, reduced response time, and increased security.

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Acts of violence and threats to our safety increase daily. CAPSOLSuite makes intelligent decisions regarding increased risk and provides communication methods to make your life safer!

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