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Notifying people of an emergency has never been easier

Communicating with large numbers of people can be challenging. Low registration numbers for systems that require personal information is a contributing cause. People are tired of robo-calling and spam when their personal information is known. 

CAPSOL's patent pending process of mobile identification protects personal privacy. 

By not collecting personal information including names, phone numbers and email addresses, there is no database of users to maintain. No longer is deleting and adding people, numbers and email addresses required.

Useful for any size group of people, communication is 10 times faster than other system. DRMessenger™ is simple and easy to use.

Unlimited messaging - no caps or tiers increasing costs for sending messages. Useful for:

Civil Defense
Fire Department
Law Enforcement


Any size group needing information




What is CAPSOLNotes?

CAPSOLNotes is part of the CAPSOLSuite of products and is a solution to effective life safety communication. While that may sound like an aggressive statement, our focus is providing products and services around customer-defined parameters. Our solution is scalable and much more than just an app or a singular approach to life safety.

CAPSOLNotes includes mobile apps for integration with the full line of Capsol products. Download them from the Apple or Google play store by clicking on a button below.

What is S4S™?
What is F4S™?
What is IMA™?
What is CSC™?

Students For Safety (S4S) is a mobile application Designed by Students for Students™, enabling students to communicate, anonymously report, and record suspicious activity to reduce harm to individuals.

S4S reports specific information to various entities to report or initiate action.


Faculty For Safety™ (F4S) is a mobile application enabling faculty to communicate, report and record suspicious activity to reduce harm to individuals.


F4S reports specific information to various entities to report or initiate action.


Instant Mobile Alerting™ (IMA) is a mobile application for receiving push messages. Recipients are anonymous using a patent pending procedure that does not collect Personally Identifiable Information, either when downloading, activating, or receiving.


CAPSOLControl Mobile (CSC) is a mobile app allowing an authorized user access to a control panel for initiating system actions to increase life safety.

It is an integral part of the CAPSOLControl platform application and not available separately.



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