How Do You Communicate During a Crisis?

Natural Disaster – Relief Efforts – Public Gathering –                                         Other Emergency

•    A large group of people
•    A large coverage area
•    I don’t have personal information to be able to text or e-mail

•    Updated information is needed regularly

•    Lack of information creates panic

How do I communicate with all these people effectively?

Keeping people informed with accurate information is crucial. Lack of information creates confusion, panic, and could lead to violence.


Waiting for an evening newscast or trying to decipher the truth from the internet can be frustrating and misleading.

CAPSOL’s Instant Mobile Alerting (IMA) provides a simple process for messaging a large group. 

CAPSOL's IMA provides a mobile communication app that is easy to deploy, easy to use and protects personal information.

In an emergency, cellular traffic is overloaded and not reliable. An important addition to auto-dial or other emergency notification broadcasts, IMA provides a more robust system of communication without using cellular signals.

Users of the app are completely anonymous, protecting personal information. Downloaded from the Apple or Google play store, IMA provides an immediate communication system to get your message out and keep all people updated.

Able to be used as a part of a complete communication system, IMA is a building block to enhance your life safety strategy.  

Click on Find A Distributor or Request A Demo and let us show you a system to help communicate with those under your watch. 

Acts of violence and threats to our safety increase daily. CAPSOLSuite makes intelligent decisions regarding increased risk and provides communication methods to make your life safer!

Access our Mobile Apps Here or get them directly on the Apple or Play Store.





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