Identifying risk in life as we know today is critical

to our safety. Understanding what is going on around us and making decisions to protect us and ones under our watch is an increasing priority.


CAPSOL is a data analytics and risk mitigation tool that helps identify trends indicating increased risk so decisions can be made prior to an event occurring or to help prevent the threat being elevated to an unacceptable level.

Capture data feeds, Evaluate and process, Identify trends and provide notification to the proper personnel with the power of CAPSOL.


Whether monitoring virtually any structured or unstructured data source using patented and patent-pending algorithms, CAPSOL can help provide pre-event analysis for risk mitigation.

CAPSOL can monitor and help identify issues such as :


•Homicide - Suicide



•Active Shooter


•Sexual Assault

•Suspicious Activity


Measure Risk to evaluate a need for action!

Traditional Methods are most times Post-Event and reactive such as: 


•Active Shooter


•Sexual Assault

•Terrorist Attack

Capsol Dashboard

Too often these events are reported after they occur. 

Capsol can help provide real-time data

that will increase responsiveness,

awareness, and communication, increasing

the odds for de-escalation. Schedule a demo

to see how Capsol can work for you.

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