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Protecting your people is a 24/7 challenge. A clear and effective communication system is imperative.

Capsol can make your life safer and easier.


Before the Emergency

Pre-Event Notification can make all the difference when protecting lives is a concern. Bad weather is a good example, but the threats can include Active Shooter, Violence, Assault, even Suicide. Find out more how CAPSOL can help address early warning and help protect lives.

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System Integration

Getting your message out is a requirement, but you are plagued with numerous systems in use at your facility. Tying them together and activating seamlessly is possible.

Installation over your existing network allows your costs to be reduced, while still focused on a code compliant solution. Find out more how CAPSOL can help you provide a cost effective easy to operate emergency notification solution.

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Mobile Options

There are many ways to gather information and communicate. Privacy protection is so important. Receiving truly anonymous tips is one piece of gathering information while still protecting privacy. Providing anonymous chat options can help keep a risk from escalating. Find out more how CAPSOL's mobile options can provide another layer in your efforts to increase life safety.


Notification Solutions

UL Listed and Code Compliant solutions help assure your system will operate when needed. Being UL Listed for Private and Public mode operation, CAPSOL's LED Displays are another piece of notification options. Text to speech modules, visual notification and interfacing with other systems provides flexibility in your application. Find out more how CAPSOL can help you by providing a code compliant solution. 



Able to be used in virtually any industry, find out more how CAPSOL has been used in facilities like yours. Give us a call for more information.


Collecting Personal Info

Systems that use mass dialing systems or voice messaging and require personal information are slow and outdated.  Maintaining  an accurate database of user information is time-consuming and requires resources. Changing email addresses, changing phone numbers and changing responsibilities requires tremendous effort.

We are sensitive to your resource requirements. With CAPSOL’s S4S and IMA, user information is not required, collected or stored. This makes your life easier and can reduce your operating expenses..

A Unique Privacy Policy


The small type and confusing language in many privacy policies makes it clear they can use and sell your information and you must agree to use their product.

CAPSOL’s privacy policy for our notification products IMA and S4S is simple.


We don’t collect any personal information and we have nothing to share. We don’t have your personal information, we don’t use your personal information for any reason, and we don’t sell your personal information….. for any reason.


You don’t need more calls about your car’s warranty or your student loan payments.


You can be assured, in our design we made it impossible for us to gather, collect, store or transmit Personally Identifiable Information.


Private means private.

Give us a call to schedule a demo or to get more information.

Together, we can make your job easier and your people safer!


CAPSOL brings innovation and expertise to help customize your solution. 


CAPSOL’s data processing allows for decisions to be made prior to an event happening, increasing life safety!


CAPSOL provides a user-friendly interface to read, interpret and act on critical information. This easy to use format encourages quick response during an emergency.


Providing updated information is critical in improving safety. Compliance with OSHA 1910.165 is possible using CAPSOL Notification products.



Collect and access key data to help you make informed decisions, develop action plans, and Notify using multiple methods of communication.
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