System Integration provides a single point to initiate action simplifying your life.

Integration with other systems is important if you are looking for a single point to activate systems and initiate alarms.

System Inputs

Systems that do not employ an ADVANCED RULES ENGINE with the capability of automatically initiating action can continue to delay messaging and require countless hours for manual processing. Reviewing massive amounts of data manually, it is virtually impossible to quickly correlate data and reach accurate conclusions. CAPSOL does the work for you resulting in conservation of resources, reduced response time, and increased security.

Inputs are processed by the ADVANCED RULES ENGINE, providing extreme flexibility. Each input is received and compared to the pre-established rule set. Once the rules are satisfied, the correct output is generated.


Rules can be modified as needed and are available in an easy to use format allowing the end-users' trained personnel to adjust notification and integration as needed.


Inputs for integration can be received from various sources such as :

NOAA Weather

IPAWS Emergency Alerting System

Other CAP Feeds

Dry Contact Closure

Other system API Interfaces

Contact us for other system integration possibilities.

System Outputs

Outputs to other systems is a key function of CAPSOL.  Outputs can be:

API Feed

CAP Feed

Dry Contact

This interface provides push messages and integration from CAPSOL based on the rules established and provides tremendous customer flexibility.

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