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Notification With CAPSOLControl
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CAPSOLControl is an IP Based system including a user friendly Operator Terminal for alerting personnel. CAPSOLControl operates on numerous platforms with secured protocol to provide a nearly unlimited flexible Emergency Alerting Solution. 


CAPSOLControl integrates seamlessly with all other CAPSOLSuite modules including Pre-Event Notification, Mobile Alerting, Emergency Computer Messaging and CAPSOLNotes Mobile Reporting Applications for pre-event notification.

CAPSOLControl's UL Listed LED Controller provide supervised connectivity to remote LED Text Signs. A contact is available in the controller to provide remote monitoring of the sign and controller health. CAPSOLControl is installed on-premise so messaging will be sent and controls initiated, without depending on internet connectivity.

A single controller can communicate with 1,000 LED Text Displays and up to 100 Controllers can be installed per system.

Listed for use in Public and Private mode viewing, UL1638A, CAPSOL's LED Displays can be used to meet any code requirement.

For stand alone installations where the workstation is not required, CAPSOL's LED Controller is able to play up to 12 different messages with 12 separate contact closure points. Additionally, two on board relays are available to control other functions such as door release or system integration.

Indicating Devices
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Viewable from much longer distances, per NFPA72, in an emergency the minimum letter size for a distance of 6 feet is 5/8 inch high letters.

The 1.2 inch letter height of the Mini LED Display and 2.3 and 4.7 inches of the larger display provide an emergency viewing distance of 11 feet, 17 feet and 35 feet respectively.

The LED Displays can be installed over your existing network, saving thousands of dollars in installation costs. LED Text display can communicate via:






mID sIZE sIGN.png
Systems Integration

Integration with other Notification Systems can complete your notification solution.


CAPSOL easily integrates with: 

TTS Module  for Intercom or Fire Annunciation

Giant Voice Systems

Land Mobile Radio (LMR)

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Other Peripheral Accessories

Other Devices are available from CAPSOL for you to complete your system installation. Call us for more information and pricing.

Emergency Push-buttons

Emergency Key Switches

Magnetic Door Release


Strobe Lights

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Strobe Lights.png

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